Water inflatable paradise series 
玉兔 月亮 中秋节 
Water walk ball series 
Grassland leisurely wave ball series 
Water roller ball series 
Inflatable swimming pool series 
Hand ship series 
Inflatable rock climbing series 
Inflatable castle series 
Inflatable slide series 
Inflatable YuLeCheng series 
Fell planet earth series 
Rainbow arches series 
Benefits lanterns column series 
Inflatable product model series 
Festival mascot series 
Christmas model gas series 
Pvc balloon series 
Inflatable cartoon series 
Walk cartoon series 
Air star series 
Inflatable tents series 
Launch airship series 
Gold Mascot 
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Shanghai god cosmic products Co., LTD is domestic first set inflatable amusement equipment, inflatable advertising products, inflatable promotion articles in an integrated, large-scale modern private enterprises. The company has independent research and development institutions, professional assembly lines and perfect sales system, the network of top model offset division, exquisite design, production level, plus good marketing and after-sale service system, make the company unprecedented development speed and modernization degree. For 's inflatable products industry indicated the clear development direction and development pattern.
God cosmic model gas after several years of intensive research and development and to operate carefully, and launched almost 100 kinds of inflatable products, at present main products are: inflatable castle, inflatable exercise, children YuLeCheng, water walk ball, water roller ball, leisurely wave ball, children's hand ships, inflatable tents, inflatable arch, inflatable cartoon, air star, the product shape, etc...
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